8 Easy Methods: How To Dry Shoes Quickly

How to dry shoes in a night or within hours. This is a frequently asked question over the internet in this article. We will provide several methods on how to dry your shoes at night or within a few hours. For many people during the rainy season stepping out is a nightmare because it causes abhorrent squeaking noises.

How to Dry Shoes By Newspaper

The following steps you should follow during drying with the newspaper, and this also a good thing to reuse your old newspaper.

  1. Choose your old newspaper which may be put in your almirah or at another place.
  2. Select the place for dryer the shoes because it might be possible some drop of water may become out of shoes and make your place wet.
  3. Lose the laces of your shoes.
  4. Choose a few pages of the newspaper and break down into small pieces.
  5. Fold the newspaper complete with the shoe.
  6. Use some more newspaper to wrap the shoe.
  7. Tight with the elastic or something which can tight it properly and put into the area where good ventilation.
  8. After overnight, remove the newspaper and put the newspaper in the dustbin.
  9. You will find your shoe is dry now.

How to Dry Shoes By Using a hairdryer

This is the fastest method to dry your shoes with the use of a hair dryer.

  1. Remove the laces from the shoes so it is easy to dry your shoes.
  2. Choose the best place to dry shoes.
  3. You should control the heat and the use time of the hairdryer because if you do not control it then it will be harmful to your shoes, It might burn some part of the shoes.
  4. Lave the shoes 6 gaps between the shoes and the base.
  5. Start the drying of the shoes as above gives instruction.
  6. Rotate the shoes till the shoes are not dry.

How to Dry Shoes Using a Clothes Dryer

This is the best one to dry your shoes from a cloth dryer because generally, every home washing machine is present.

  1. The most important thing to notice before drying your shoes from the cloth dryer is a label, in this label mention that either you should dry from the dryer or not.
  2. In the market shoes are available with so many materials so plastics and leather made shoes should not dry with the dryer.
  3. First ties the knot with both shoelaces.
  4. Now hang the shoes in front of the clothes dryer and close the laces in the dryer.
  5. Turn the dryer in the air dryer setting so that it is easy to monitor the drying process and also good for your shoes.
  6. Dry the shoes at least for 20 minutes for good drying but it also depends on the shoe quality and material.
  7.   Prevent your shoes and cloth dryer from damage.

How to Dry Shoes By using Shoe Dryer

The best way to dry your shoes because it is the fastest and safest way to dry your shoes and specially designed only for the drying of your shoes.

  1. First of all, remove your insoles and laces from your shoes or boots.
  2. Put the shoes or boots on the dryer tubes and depend on the model of the dryer either dryer in the shoes.
  3. You should always make sure that there are always 6 dryer spaces between base and shoes.
  4. Turn on the shoe dryer and wait for the recommended time for the dryer.
  5. Before wearing the shoes you should check whether the shoes are dry or not.

How to Dry Shoes By using Table Fan

This is the most common method used for the shoe dryer because this is very easy to do and easily available in the houses.

  1. First of all, you have to take out your shoes’ insoles and set them aside to dry.
  2. Put the shoes in front of the standing fan or ceiling fan.
  3. If you have a hot fan or heating fan  in which hot air is coming out from the fan it is easy to dry the shoes.
  4. But when you are using a heating fan then you should control the heating air coming from it otherwise it will be harmful for your shoes.
  5. You should also know the max. And min. Temperature to dry shoes.
  6. After a few hours your shoes will be ready to  wear.

How to Dry Shoes By using Oven

This is also a good method which is used for dry shoes in the day today life . This is the fastest method to dry your shoes ,but this method is a little bit dangerous for your shoes.

  1. The first method to perform this process is to remove your laces, from the shoes.
  2. You should know the temperature of the oven which is created inside the oven.
  3. Put your shoes into the oven and leave for some time.
  4. You should check you after few minutes into whether shoes are dry or not.
  5. You should fix your temperature oven so that during the drying process it should not reach too high a point so it will burn.
  6.  After a few minutes, you will find your shoe is dry and you can wear it after some time.

How to Dry Shoes By using Rice

This is the oldest method which is used for the drying of shoes when the technology did not exist at that time. This method is also used in the world where electric appliances are not present.

The following steps are used for drying shoes from rice method ;

  1. Remove shoelaces from your shoes.
  2. Take dry rice because rice has property to suck liquid from the material in which rice is put.
  3. Most people use this technique to remove liquid from the material.
  4. Now put rice into the shoes or put shoes into the rice for a night .
  5. After overnight or in a few hours rice will suck the liquid from shoes and your shoes are ready to wear.
  6. This simplest, oldest and safest method to dry your shoes.

How to Dry Shoes By using Refrigerator

When you see this article then you will think about how is it possible to dry your shoes from the refrigerator but yes this possible to dry your shoes from the refrigerator. I will tell you how it is possible.

The following steps are used to dry your shoes from the refrigerator;

  1.  Remove shoelaces from your shoes.
  2. You always notice that when your refrigerator is working heat is coming out from the backside of your refrigerator.
  3. Now you have to use that heat to dry your shoes with that heat, you should put your shoes behind the refrigerator so in the heat your shoes will dry.
  4. After some time or a few, you will check your shoes. It will be a try now your shoes are dry.
  5. You can easily dry your shoes through this process.


In this article we will try to provide the best information regarding how to dry shoes from a different method, these methods are used in the day to day life dry your shoes as like dry your shoes from rice and refrigerator these are some odd techniques.

But we are providing you with just beautiful information in This article. We hope you will get the best method and different ideas to dry your shoes, for further queries you can comment in the comment section and we will definitely provide you with the best information.

Thank you for reading our article and If you have any question please comment in comment section.



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