Stop Shoes From Squeaking
Fix a Squeaky Shoe

Kids love squeaky shoes just for fun but I know your squeaky shoes are too much annoying. If you are in a crowded place where a large number of people together for shopping or it would be anywhere. Does your kid have squeaky shoes? If yes! then it will help you to find out your baby immediately that where they are.

Whenever you decided to leave your house to do something enjoyable with your kids. Your kids will realize squeaking sound when they take a step, Maybe he starts smiling and jumping in squeaky shoes.

Everyone is worried about how to stop shoes from making noise. Did you think squeaky shoes are enjoyable for you like your baby? I think never! because being a professional, You will do proper dressing to look more attractive.

Stop disturbing noise while interview
Fix irritating sound on floor

A daily bath is not necessary but if you want a bath on a daily base you will feel fresh. Make sure to wash your hands, face, and your whole body with good soap for better skin.

You may have heard about it that the first impression is the last impression and usually you have only one chance to impress your senior on the first meeting which is not possible without setting your goals in mind.

Before one day of an interview you must be thoughts about wear something amazing that makes you feel confident, and don’t forget to be nice to everyone while first meeting.

To prepare for an important meeting you must clarify the purpose of meeting why the meeting is arranged and what we will discuss in the meeting and what problems to solve in this meeting.

If you know all plans about meeting than it would be easy to figure out your dress-up style. Every event has its own dress styles such as if you want to go for an interview you will definitely wear suits that have a matching jacket, pants, dress shirt, tie, and shoes.

Before proceed to the techniques that how to fix a squeaky shoes let’s discuss about some reason why shoes making noise during walking.

Causes That Shoes Make Noise?

Selecting a fashionable dress is easy because people follow trends that help you to start a better dressing style. Your shoes look is attractive but the squeaky shoes will make you disturbing.

Maybe you also try squeaky shoes in your childhood that squeak funny sound at every step. It’s available almost in every country, When kids start weeping than this squeaky sound make it laugh after every step.

There are different stages of a child’s but when the child becomes a man then they care about everything else it is just squeaky shoe noise. They want to live a happy and professional life without any frustration.

Squeak issue occurs also in vehicles While driving on the long distances you must be turn left and right path but when you turn the steering wheel than some time it makes a squealing noise that’s very disturbing.

The vibration produce sound wave but when any object that make vibrate noise, The air molecules vibrate as the sound moves through the air. The eardrum vibrate when the sound reaches it.

1. Moisture

If you have to stand all day on your feet while performing your duty so maybe moisture becomes trapped anywhere in your shoe that may cause squeaky sound as you move at each step. Moisture can be in the form of any shape like a small amount of liquids.

2. Insoles

The friction between insole and shoe sole is the main cause of squeak that you don’t like. The insole is the piece of materials that are fitted inside your boots for support and comfort. If your shoes are old then you must take proper care of your insole or you can change them if they are removable.

3. Perspire

A sweaty feet can cause a lot of problems, When you have to stand all day on feet than huge stress on the foot is possible. A normal sweat can’t create any problem but in summer season you must take care of sweaty feet by wearing good pair of quality shoes to keep your feet cold.

4. Maintenance

People love to buy long-lasting shoes but they don’t care about shoe parts that how they are performing. The lasting shoes is available now a days but it doesn’t mean that once you purchase long-lasting shoes you will be able to use it in your whole life.

Take proper care of every parts if you are feeling discomfort anywhere you should changed or repair them.

5. Heel

If your shoes are not fit right maybe they cause squeaky sound. When your heel is loose or not glued properly squeaky sound will come from the heel. To overcome squeaky sound you should take them to the cobbler.

Mostly shoes start squeaking when they become wet that’s why i will recommend try drying them on cedar shoe trees that holds shoes in the proper shape and wick away moisture.

Why Some Heels Noisy While Others are Quiet

There are several factors that may cause noisy heel but I mention the top 5 reasons that maybe solve your problem.

1. How You Walk

While walking on the road some people can’t keep head upright which may produce squeaky noise from your shoes. Those people who have normal (lower) steps style they can easily control heel noise. But if you are walking with heavy steps it may produce squeaky noise and it will also impact your heel.

2. Over-sized Heel

It’s the major problem of all people that want to purchase shoes for yourself online in Amazon. As you know that feet size change with age, It grows larger and wider. It’s very difficult to choose the correct size shoes but you must know about your feet size, how they are wider so you should order shoe size according to your feet.

If they are a bit tight or oversize it may cause squeaky noise problem so to overcome this problem order true to size shoes.

3. Comfortable

If you have to stand all day on your feet than make sure to wear comfortable shoes that give you good support while standing all day. If your shoes are not comfortable for walking all day it may cause pain.

4. Sole

Wearing the wrong sole shoes may hurt your feet. So before buying shoes you must be know about that which sole embed on these shoes. These are common type of sole that are used all over the world.

  • Lugged soles.
  • Rubber Soles.
  • Christy soles.
5. Lower The Height

The height of the heel may also cause squeaky noise but some women love high height heel. If your friends are disturbing from squeaky noise than you should be lowering the height to reduce squeaky noise on the hard surfaces.

How to Identify Why Your Shoe is Squeaking

If your shoes are squeaking then it is very important to find out why your shoes are squeaking. Once you find out the squeak issue then it will be easy to fix the squeaky problems because you know that from where the squeaky sound is coming.

The sound waves enter in our ear and it travels through the ear canal. To find out shoes squeak sound if someone put their ear near the foot while you’re moving around then it would be easy to find out the source of the sound.

When a sound coming from anywhere then it would reach to your left ear faster than your right ear. According to american scientist left ear is more sensitive to lesson the sound of music or squeaky noise where the right ear capture sound of speech, talk faster.

Did you identify your sound source?

Let’s jump to the techniques that how to stop shoes from making noise.

How To Stop Shoes from Making Noise

As a kid we can attract someone’s attention with squeaky noise just for fun but what do you think as a man it will be better to attract someone’s attention by doing this?

If No!

Then apply all these methods on your shoes to fix all irritating noise problems.

1. Sprinkle Baby Powder
Fix squeaking
Sprinkle baby powder in the insole of the shoes

Moisture trapped into the shoes that producing annoying squeaky sound. To absorb moisture you can apply different methods but i will recommend these two simple methods to absorb moisture.

If your insole are moving around while walking then it means you have to fit insole perfectly. So push the newspaper into the shoe and toe as you can. Once your feet feel fit and comfortable then newspaper will absorb the moisture and keep your feet dry.

Sprinkle baby powder or talcum powder inside the shoes to absorb moisture. The talcum powder is made of magnesium and silicon elements. If your shoe’s insole is not removable so you can add powder inside the sole.

2. Add petroleum jelly
Add Vaseline inside the insole
To stop squeaky sound add pure petroleum jelly Vaseline

Maybe you have applied a small amount of petroleum jelly Vaseline for skin protection in your daily life. When any parts of your body skin are injury or dump you have tried these Vaseline and it worked well.

But did you thoughts ever in your mind that petroleum jelly Vaseline will help you to reduce squeaky noise?

You can use small amount of petroleum jelly Vaseline under the insole of your shoes to fix the squeaky sound.

3. Soften Shoes sole Properly
Soften your sole
Clean bottom of your shoes

The soft shoes will help you to keep your body balanced. The soft sole shoes last more then 15 months.

You can use sandpaper to make your bottom of the shoes smooth. Rub two to three drops olive oil in the bottom of the shoes to keep your sole of the shoes soft and smooth.

If you don’t have sandpaper so you can order online at Amazon.

4. Saddle soap for cleaning
Saddle soap for cleaning
Use saddle soap to protect leather

Saddle soap is specially made for cleaning, conditioning and protecting the leather. It is made of mild soap that keep your shoes leather soft and smooth.

A mild soap will protect your shoes from damaging, Add some of the saddle soap in the wet brush and work on a circular motion to clean all parts of the shoes.

5. Always keep your feet dry
Clean your feet to keep it dry and cold
Keep your feet dry from sweat

If you are working all day on your feet then your feet must cause sweaty problems. The sweat problem may buildup moisture in your shoes that will produce squeaky sound at every step.

If you are keeping your feet clean and dry then it will help you to protect from fungal infection. Avoid to wear other’s people footwear and always try to wear clean and dry socks.

6. Shine your shoes using polish
Shiny your shoes
Remove laces and polish your shoes

The squeaky noise can be come from any parts of the shoes either is is bottom or upper area. Remove the laces from your shoes while polishing because it will prevent laces from getting polish.

If the laces are to dirty then you should replace them or clean them with polish.

During polish fill your shoes with paper and clean upper part of the shoes with soft cloth. Try to apply the polish in circular motion to clean upper and bottom area clearly.

7. Try WD-40 To Activate stuck parts
penetrates stuck parts of your shoes
Remove grease from most of the surfaces

WD-40 is not used only in shoes you can use it in anything that you want to protect from rust and corrosion. It also helps in defeat moisture, grease, and most of the surfaces.

It is very important to remove ugly salt stains from your shoes during the winter season. If you have to go outside while winter weather stains will occur in the upper area of your shoes. To remove stains easily just spray WD-40 in the area of the stains and then wipe them clean with a rag or tissue paper.

8. Put shoes in the dryer
Put shoes in the dryer
Dry out your shoes to overcome moisture problem

Don’t forget to remove the insole of your shoes before putting them in the dryer because it will help you to avoid damage to your shoes. After putting shoes in the washing machine make sure to set your dryer to the lowest heating to minimize damage.

You can put your shoes in the dryer for 10-20 minutes but make sure that your shoes are not wet. It’s not safe to put wet sneakers in the dryer because the sole of your shoes is made of rubber materials that may easily warp from the heat inside the dryer.

9. Use rubber sole
Sole should be made of rubber
Sole should be strong and long lasting

If you are walking on wet floor you need to wear high quality shoes with rubber sole because they provide better traction on wet surfaces. All rubber sole are not same so before buying rubber sole shoes check out features of sole. The original rubber sole will reduce slippery on snowy places and stop squeaky noise.

If you have old noisy shoes so take them to cobbler to install the rubber sole  underneath of your heel for shock absorption. You can walk with confident with rubber sole while going to office, They will stop your shoes from making noise.

10. Break Them In
new shoes break them in
New shoes take a bit of time to break them in

The new shoes take a bit of time to break them in, You will feel uncomfortable in first wear but new shoes will make you feel comfortable after wearing it 1-2 weeks regularly. Maybe it’s squeaky for you until break them in.

If you have bought new shoes and you are disturbing from squeaky sound then you don’t worry about it. They will stop squeaky noise after a few wear you don’t need to apply all of the above steps to new shoes. When you buy new shoes so don’t run on long-distance in first wear.

11. Toss Old Shoes In recycling bin
Buy new shoes
Repair crack shoes or bought new one

If you have bought shoes many years ago and still using them, Maybe they are comfortable with some activities like daily use at home. Maybe they are not good to perform outdoor activities then you should take them to a professional cobbler to repair them or decide to buy a new pair of shoes.

If the upper of the shoes have good condition and they look like new shoes after many years use then your shoes have a second life. You can take them to cobbler for repairing inner parts of your shoes.

Do you have good budget to buy new pair of shoes?

If yes! then you should go for it.

12. Liquid Silicone
Liquid Silicone for protection
Liquid Silicone defeat moisture

Silicone spray is used in home, vehicle, and shoes. It is known as best for lubricating, and corrosion protection. You can also use them in metal, wood, and rubber surfaces.

This spray works like WD-40 and it will prevent your shoes from damages. It protects from outdoor gear like moisture. Silicone spray is water-resistant and it protects metal and non-metal surfaces. I will recommend purchasing the best silicone spray for quality work.

13. Use dryer sheet to make bottom less slick
Dryer sheet
Rub bottom with dryer sheet

If your shoes are too squeaky while walking then you should rub the bottom of your shoes with a dryer sheet to stop squeaky noise. It may be due to slick sole.

The simple and easiest way to make your shoe slip-resistant is to scuff the soles with sandpaper. Simply rug the rough item of your shoes in the sole to make shoes less slippery.

14. Wear Quality Socks
Wear good quality socks
Wear quality socks to stop noise

Wearing socks in summer season is to much disturbing that’s why you should purchase shoes that can be wear without socks. Actually you can wear every kind of shoes without socks but maybe you feel uncomfortable without socks.

May be shoes doesn’t fit on you and it might be a bit loose.

The bare feet are producing moisture that’s why shoes with socks are recommended but if you don’t want to wear socks you can sprinkle some baby powder inside the shoes.

15. Take shoes to cobbler
Repair all parts of the shoes
Make it new by taking them to cobbler

Did you tried all of the above method? But your shoes are still squeaking? This is the last method to stop shoes from making noise, Take them to the cobbler and make it new. Figure out the squeaking parts and immediately replace them.

Whether your shoe bottom insole, midsole, and outsole are falling from your shoes a cobbler can help you out. Just tell your shoe problem to the cobbler and leave everything on them because they know how to repair it and stop squeaky sound.


What's in people mind?
Few questions that’s maybe in your mind
Why do my heels squeak when I walk?

There are many reasons that your heel squeak while walking, Actually it depends on how your walking style is, Maybe they don’t fit right on your feet. The comfort-ability is very important to overcome squeaky sound, You need to wear comfortable shoes that give you good support while walking all day on foot.

How do you keep new shoes from squeaking on hard floors?

When a sticky grip comes in contact with slippery and oily places so we need to stop rubber soles from squeaking. Rub a bar of soap on the sole that gives good protection against bacteria and viruses.

How do I stop my shoes from sliding to the side of my tongue?

Most of the shoe brand has a loop on the tongue for your laces to prevent them. The professional recommends putting your laces through one side and out the other and then put it through the eyelets on the other side.

How can I fix my shoes at home?

If you want to fix your shoes at home then this will help you a lot to save your money. Instead of buying new shoes you repairing your old one be better. If you have a low budget and don’t want to take your shoes to cobbler so repair your shoes with 3 simple steps.

What is the best glue for shoe repair?

The shoe glue is very helpful that revives any broken parts of the shoes. To repair shoes try to use flexible glue that is made of good materials. Loctite Shoe Glue is the best glue that is long-lasting and allows your sole to move naturally.

How can I improve my walking?

It’s very necessary to improve your walking style that will help you to prevent shoes from making noise. Just remember these 3 simple steps while walking and apply it to improve your walking.

  • Don’t look side by side just look forward on the way and also make sure your head is up.
  • Your neck, shoulders, and back should be relaxed.
  • Try to walk with proper posture, arm, and foot motion.
What is shoe size based on?

The shoe size is based on the length of the foot. Every one has different feet length, Maybe some are same length but it can be narrow or wider. The feet size of children, man, women is totally different from each others.

What brand of socks last the longest?

The good pair of socks will keep your feet dry and prevent your feet from blisters, squeaky noise. Invest more but once to buy durable and strong shoes that are long-lasting. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew is the best socks that never disappoint you.

Will my shoes get ruined in the washing machine?

It depends if you directly through your shoes in the washing machine without any protection. It may cause damage to your shoes, Nothing will happen if you put your shoes in the washing machine with cleverly.

Like use a wash bag for protection, remove laces, and all removable parts of the shoes. Now your shoes will become quite noisy.

How do I stop my feet from sweating?

The feet start sweating in summer season that also cause odor issue. To stop your feet from sweating you need to keep your feet dry, wash your feet once in a day with antibacterial soap, wear quality socks to keep away moisture from your feet.


What you have learn
The End

Taking care of your shoes will prevent your shoes from cracking and squeaky noise. You are not a kid that loves squeaky sound, It’s irritating for you but if your kids smiling with squeaky sound so you need to tolerate it for your baby.

You can make laugh your baby with squeaky sound shoes but ever try to laugh your office meets with this shirty sound, They will make fun of you.

Before going to the office make sure to check out your shoes squeaky sound properly. If it’s noisy apply all of the above 15 methods to fix a squeaky noise otherwise if it’s okay give them a good polish for beautiful look.

Did you tried all of the above methods but still your your squeaky shoes are not fixed?

You should buy new pair of shoes or take them to the cobbler for a quick fix. Did you know any other method to fix squeaky shoes? Let us know in the comments box to help those people who are still searching about how to stop shoes from squeaking.

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