Top 10 Best Skating Shoes For Beginners – Reviewed 2022

Skating is the sports activity that mostly happens during the festival, Gathering of people to celebrate something like roller skating, skating contest is the best challenge for you.


Are you Beginner to skating? But you want to become champion while skating competition, that’s not possible without best skating shoes.

The best skate shoes will help you to keep better control while pushing skateboard. Skateboard shoes will give you good comfort and help you to do more complex tricks.

Skate shoes have grippy, flat, and wide sole that help riders to achieve their goal easily. They are very strong and usually made of strong leather and suede.

Skate shoes are specially designed to assist skateboard riders, The sole is made of strong rubber, and upper is made of suede leather that is soft and stylish. They have also extra cushioning that is often added to provide comfort, control the moisture, smell, and positioning of the shoes while skating on ice.

You should keep some important key consideration in mind while purchasing skate shoes.

  1. Sole is made of rubber.
  2. Stichting should be double.
  3. Uppers must be made of heat-resistant materials like suede, leather.

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Top 10 Best Skating Shoes For Beginners

Maybe choosing the best skating shoes for beginners is confusing? but these top 10 skating shoes will change your life and you will love them while skating.

1. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

Court Graffik is the most popular shoes all over the world and known as best for skating. These shoes have pillow of panels, Panels are pieces of pillow that combined make the structure of pillow, Pillow consist of cloth bag filled with feathers, down, sponge rubber, or plastic fiber.

These shoes have sturdy leather which is very strong and durable, Dc has strong stitching and awesome style. They will give you good support while skating the most difficult tricks. These shoes are the top skateboarding shoes on my list because of comfort and they last long.

DC Men’s Court Graffik is very light weighted that help your feet to jump easily while skating. They have foam padded tongue and collar for comfort and support. The upper is made of leather and sole is grippy that help to keep control on skate board.

A Cupsole construction will give you more ankle support and will create thicker barrier between you and your board. The sole of Dc consists of DC’S trademark and pill pattern. The best part of the shoes that mostly people loved it that you can use these shoes is daily life activity as well.

Purchasing black color shoes will save more money because you can wear them in school, If you are woman and want to buy Dc men’s shoes then these shoes will perfectly suit you. By wearing them on concrete you will not have any problem.



  • Fashionable.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Last long.
  • Thick sole and lightweight.
  • Best for skating.


  • Signature.


2. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley

The quality of these shoes is very good and are very comfortable, Mostly people like it due to its looks. You will never be disappointed while skating when you buy Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley. This would be your first primary skate shoes and you will love them while walking all day.

While walking all the day your feet will feel comfort and not hurt, The sole of these shoes are comfortable and canvas is breathable. These shoes are easy to take off and they suit with everything jeans, paints and shorts.

These shoes are grippy skateboard shoes and they last long. If you have to walk for long period of time then Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley is the best choice for you. The shoe has special cushion pads, they are protecting back of your feet.

Adidas Seeley is made up of very light materials and comfortable to wear all day, The looks of Seeley is awesome, They are lace closure which is made of lace or silk. while a textile lining keeps your feet comfortable on or off the board.

These shoes have thin strip, sung, comfy, and providing physical relief. I personally recommend these shoes if you need the best skating shoes for beginner then this is the best option for you.



  • very stylish.
  • Durable and great comfort support.
  • Looks good.
  • Extra padded foam for protection.
  • Absolutely perfect.


  • Take a long time to break in.


3. DC Men’s Trase TX Skating Shoe

These shoes have abrasion resistance materials that are useful for moving skateboard easily. They have sticky rubber outsole which provides good level of traction, The shoes fit snug for good performance and you can wear it without socks.

Whether you want to stand out all day or want to do skating on ice these sneaker offer amazing features for everyone. They are also known as best for summer season because it is made from thin and breathable fabric.

They have good lace-up style, They are built for skating on ice but suitable for walking in the city. These shoes are mostly recommended because these are best cheap shoes for skateboarding and everyone can afford at price easily.

A properly fitting shoes is important for comfortability they are very stylish and fit exactly as expected. The length of the laces are perfect they don’t hang to low and while walking. You can wear them without socks you will feel comfortable but they will look good with socks as well.

The quality of these shoes is very great in such low price, They are made with high quality materials that last long. They have good support in the heel and have rubber sole for casual and flexibility.



  • Awesome casual and dress shoes.
  • Last long.
  • Quality shoes in such low price.
  • Lightweight and good grip.
  • Laces length are perfect.


  • Not best for flicks.


4. Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe

These are canvas shoes which is made of rubber, leather or fibre sole, You can wear these shoes for multiple purpose. To wear good pair of shoes while skating is the main key factor, They will be helpful for doing tricks while skating on ice.

They have strong toecap which is fitted over the end of a shoe for better protection. The quality of rubber sole is great that allows your feet to stay neutral, They are light weighted that help your feet in next step.

A good quality collar that was lightly padded so they overcome all collision on your feet. They have signature rubber waffle outsoles and good comfort for standing all day.

The flat sole prevents your feet from injuries, Vamp area is covered with strong stitching that looks awesome. Available in just some color but the design of these shoes is great because all shoes is made of black and white color with white stitching.

They have flat sole and thick tongue, It is very important to wear good pair of shoes while skating because good skate shoes will increase grip, good feelings on board, and prevent your feet from injuries.



  • Easy to clean.
  • Light weight.
  • Protect feet from injuries.
  • Fit perfectly.
  • Good quality.


  • Fitting issue.


5. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco

They are made up of recycled rubber which is produced from replaced tires through a straight process. Recycled plastic is used in the creation of shoe laces. Canvas materials is used in Jameson Eco, These shoes are flexible, comfort and supportive.

Eco are vulcanized shoes that are made when rubber sole is glued to the upper and then a layer of foxing tape gets wrapped around it. They have thinly padded tongue and collar for protection and added comfort.

Jameson 2 Eco provides good control while skating, These are great, very durable and long lasting shoes, You will love them. Most of the people have complaint about less arch support but i think in such low price this is the good option for beginners.

If you are looking for perfect comfort sneakers that are best for skateboarding than Etnies have all those features you must should buy and try them.

If you wanna go to snowy climate place these shoes will hold on in such place. Wearing Etnies shoes will give you good control by doing different tricks while skating on ice. They are comfortable for daily life activities and walking in the city.



  • Inexpensive.
  • Good control while skating.
  • Beautiful and stylish.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Thick sole and good grip.


  • Less color options.


6. Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910

If you have basic knowledge about skateboarding but want to get better in skateboarding to do some interesting tricks for the audience then these pairs of shoes will help you in doing something amazing tricks while skating.

Reebok Soyay is safety boots that are good for toe protection, These are steel toe boot which protects the toe and foot from falling objects. They are little expensive but it will give you control on skateboard while skating on ice.

To do skating you must be show performance on ice places, These shoes will overcome slip-resistant on the ice surface. They are very strong and give you good support in such oily and wet surfaces.

Electrical hazard protection will reduce injuries in dangerous areas where workers have regular contact with electrical requirements. These shoes are covered with minimum design and provides good protection against hazards workplace.

They prevents your feet from bruising, Last long and still hold up after some years of use. You can wear them on daily basic while working on job for long period of time you will really like it.



  • Comfortable for job.
  • Last long period of time.
  • Most comfortable steel toe.
  • Backs are strong.
  • Good stiching.


  • Little heavier than regular sneakers.


7. NIKE Zoom Stefan Janoski

While skating regular base needed to comfortable and good supportive sneakers that last longer, The break-in period of these shoes is good and are good looking shoes. They are specially designed for skateboarding, To show off your skill using these pairs of shoes is the best choice for you.

These shoes have no complaint, Nike zoom is the alternative of Vans old skool , They will last long if you take care of them properly. Still looks good by wearing them on streets.

Nike zoom will perform well at the skatepark that is built for recreational environment made for specially skateboarding. Easily do BMX, scooter, wheelchair skating in skatepark.

They are light weighted and give comfort to your feet while skating, Your feet will not fatigued while doing trick with skateboard. They are best for street skateboarding that refers to such place like streets, urban areas and industrial areas.

The suede materials is used in the process of construction, Most of the people like suede uppers compared to canvas because suede lather is made from animal skin and they are very strong.



  • Good heel support.
  • Nike logo on quarter area with white coloe.
  • EVA foam from extra comfort.
  • Best in kick flips.
  • Super clean.


  • No additional laces in box.


8. Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor 

Five stars with excessive reviews show that these are the best skating shoes ever, I personally checked out Converse Chuck they have more than thirty-two thousand reviews with good ratings. This proves that these are high-quality shoes for skating and daily life use.

These shoes are made with canvas upper and rubber sole, These shoes will perfectly suit with everyone but most of the people loved it due dress matching, If you want to wear at on your wedding it will be considered is the most comfortable mens dress shoes ever.

The best way to keep these sneakers clean is the repel water and minimize dirt on the shoes. Maybe these shoes are too heavy for you but you will love the look of converse

They are very glossy shoes that are made of waterproof materials that prevent your feet while walking on snow, oily and wet surfaces. Wipedeasily and don’t get dirty easily, Be sure to order the correct size according to your feet.

If you have any kind of foot issues they will overcome feet issues. You can wear it with everything either it is paint, jeans or cargo. They have good support for walking all day and playing any sports game. Maybe with skating this will be your best basketball shoes for jumping as well.



  • Customize lace-up style.
  • East to clean.
  • Very cute.
  • Looks great with every kind of outfit.
  • Signature at the top of tongue that looks great.


  • Slightly expensive.


9. Etnies Swivel Skate Shoe

Most of the people like to ride on one wheel electric skateboard in streets, anywhere for enjoyment purpose. If you are one wheel skateboard lover you should buy them. You will feel comfortable, good control on skateboard while riding.

People are complaining about their tight toes, There is no issue in shoes maybe the issues on your feet or you have ordered the incorrect size. Be sure to order the correct size according to your feet.

You can wear them every day, If you are above 30 and looking for the best skating shoes for beginners this is pretty legit for you. The cost of Etnies is low everyone can afford it easily.

They are also best for flat feet, Due to it’s strong outsole and soft footbed your feet will not hurt while standing or walking all the day. The sole will not fell apart easily.

If you want to gift new pair of shoes to someone who loves skating on ice then Etnies is the best choice for you to surprise your friend because everyone loves Etnies and your friends should be in those.



  • Stylish holes at quarter area.
  • Awesome logo at heel.
  • Very cute.
  • Strong stitching.
  • Soft footbed.


  • Few color options.


10. Supra Men’s Low

If you like to wear fit shoes then Supra will be your next shoe because You will feel snug on it due to its strong heel and soft footbed. The padded tongue will keep your feet fresh.

The style of these shoes is unique, Brand logo downside of eyelets, They are amazing due to its price and quality. They will fit perfectly with no problem, Feel comfortable with, and without socks.

These shoes are flashy that look very fashionable and people will notice due to its simple and stylish design. Supra is very easy to clean, They are made with the combination of two simple colors, Heel is white and the upper part comes in four simple colors, Gray, charcoal, black.

They have less padded on the inside that’s why most of the people suggesting get one size smaller because they are little thinner than other shoes and have less padding.

It comes up with white laces but if you want to switch them out you can customize it according to your choice. They look great, durable, the length is okay. They will not be ripped easily and last long periods of time.



  • Good for skateboarding.
  • Right shoes for all kind of skating.
  • Simple design.
  • Best for daily use.
  • Dressy skate shoes.


  • Fail for running.



Q1: What shoes are best for skating?

You can do skating on any random shoes no problem occurs during skating. If you want to enjoy your ride and deserved good experience, The comfortable shoes must be needed to maintain balanced of skateboard, I reviewed the top 10 best skating shoes for beginners checkout it and choose the best one for yourself.

Q2: Can you skate in Converse All Stars?

Actually there is many Converse shoes but not all shoes are made for skateboarding. You should buy those converse which give good control on skateboard, Converse has wide range that’s why these shoes is the best choice for skating on ice.

Q3: How long do skate shoes last?

If you have Etnies skate shoes they will last five years, Maybe it can last long than five years but you should take proper care of them. It also depends that you are using shoes for traveling, other sports activity or only for skating.

Q4: Can you skate in any shoes?

Yes you can skate on any shoes that are in your feet, But to be honest i can’t say it with 100% guarantee that you will success in doing tricks on normal shoes. Actually skate shoes are made to help better control on skateboard, They have flat grippy and extra wide sole to hold up skateboard better.

Q5: Can you wear skate shoes if you don’t skate?

Yeah it’s okay if you don’t want to skate on ice it’s not necessary to wear skate shoes but if you want to go on the festival to saw skating competition you should wear good quality of slip-resistant shoes that reduce you to fall on such wet and ice place.


Wearing good quality of skateboarding shoes increase grip, maintain balanced on the skateboard, and minimize injuries. If you are an expert in doing tricks while skating so I assure most comfortable skate shoes is very important for you.

There is huge variety of shoes for men and women available on Amazon but to take decisions is difficult while purchasing that what would be the best skating shoes for you.

Skateboard shoes are specially designed for skating and are more durable but that is not designed to walk on every day but if you want to use it for daily use, You can.

Before buying skating shoes you should care about stitching, vulcanize, insole, out sole, tread pattern, and know about materials used in the construction of shoe.

We tried our best to explained about best skating shoes for beginners, After reading this article your all confusion will be cleared but if you have still any issues that what would best skating shoes for you? You can ask in the comments below, If you don’t know how to do skating on ice? You should properly learn them and start more practice as you can.



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