Top 10 recommended shoes for security guards

Guard services provided several types of Security officers, and these officers are performing different tasks at specific locations. It can be anywhere like secures houses and attacks by patrolling the property.


Setting outside the building and controls environments by monitoring is the main role of a security officer. Security guards must have the ability to follow instructions and have high level of physical strength.

I know difficult to select the Best shoes for security guards as a beginner.

Nowadays most of the people love to play security guards games. Game developers added story type concept in the games like play overall game to achieve the goal. There are a lot of games available on the internet, You will play the game as a security guard to secure the bank from thieves, But as you know just for fun.

If you are selected in a job as a security officer or you have involved in security work, Having the right pair of shoes is very important, For comfort and your safety.

Security guards usually keep standing for a long period of time because they keep patrolling around the place to notice quickly. Standing all day on foot is not easy but wearing good pair of shoes makes it easy for you.

All over the world people have misconceptions about security work that is dangerous but the reality is, Security guards are not hired at risk of fight areas.

Did you know about important rules for night security guard?

When you feel something wrong you should stand up quickly and start patrolling around the place to secure people and property.

Best Shoes For Security Guards Comparison Chart

























Top 10 Best Shoes For Security Guards

1. Original SWAT 129101 Men’s Metro Tactical Boot

Original SWAT 129101 Men’s Metro Tactical Boot

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate insole.

  • Outsole is made of rubber.

  • Waterproof.

  • Made of popular type of leather called Full Grain Leather.

  • Membrane construction.

Designed for specially urban jungle that will help to survive in urban jungle areas. They are made on the basis of air technology, Whether you want to go on hike or want to perform duty while standing all day these boots will give you good comfort and support rather than other traditional boots.

These shoes are best for airport, security and it’s build of non-metallic components. Metro provides waterproof and slip-resistant features. They are lightweight due to it’s EVA midsole.

Metro boots are stable and durable because they have full grain leather and 1000D nylon construction. They are mostly used in police, LEO, Firefighters, departments and other public safety industries.

Most of the people love to wear fit shoes, that’s why it comes with side zipper that helps you in the fitting. They are reliable, powerful that’s good choice to wear it in urban environments.

The heel and toe is polishable and it’s suitable to wear while on formal events.

These shoes are electric hazard, Great winter walking boots in reasonable price. Height is decent and the sole is pretty sturdy, Tall tongue and tradational lace-up style.



  • Good on water and snow.
  • Sturdy zipper.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Good in metal detector.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Quite bulky.
  • Available in only black color.


2. Rockport Work Men’s More Energy Rk6465 Work Shoe

The Rockport will give you good comfort if you are using them for everyday work, They will not fall apart. The stitching is really well and the sole is little hard but comfortable to be on feet al day.

Easily pass through a metal detector which contains coil of wire known is transmitter coil. They are light, flexible and easy to put them on. You will love the support and cushion insole.

These shoes have top laces eyelets and you can hold the laces inplace. The friction between the laces and the boot is very good, and it’s easy to pull the lacing snug.

If you have wide toes Rockport will fit perfectly on you. They have high quality leather which is more flexible and durable, Made really well and lasting long by taking proper care of them.

They have flex-met guard that protect top of the foot from injuries and help to move feet easily.

It’s dressy to wear in the office but it’s to much big that’s why it’s mostly recommended for standing all day on feet and working on concrete and slippery areas.



  • Best work boot.
  • Composite toe cap.
  • High quality leather.
  • Best for wide toes people.
  • Top leather is waterproof.


  • Little Biting into the side of ankles.


3. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

The height of these shoes have 8 inches and weight is 13.9 oz. They are anti odor that reduce feet and sock smell. EVA midsole and shank for protection that protects the shanks from damages while walking on rocks.

Minimalist design stripped of superfluous elements, colors, shapes and textures. They have nice grip and sole that’s why they hold up in snow.

If you are in police academy where you have to learn firearms training, running daily on regular base then Under Armour is the best choice for you. They are light, comfortable, and tough.

You can use them to hike mountains your feet will not hurt while walking for long hours. Hiking teachers must have delegate different tasks to team members so before assigning the difficult task to your student you should recommend Under Armour shoes to all team members.

The 900D nylon textile upper make shoes strong and durable, The toe of these shoes is polishable.

They will tight in first wear but once wear them for a day they will fit perfectly. You can replace them with zippers to take on and off easily. These shoes are quite comfortable and best shoes for bikers.



  • These shoes are very soft.
  • Good value product.
  • The traction is very good.
  • Hold up in snow and ice.
  • Great work boot at reasonable price.


  • Little bit break-in period.


4. Wolverine Men’s Amherst Safety-Toe Shoe

If you are performing such sports activity like hiking, running on the unpaved surface or you have job where you to spend all day while standing on feet than Wolverine is the best choice for you.

These shoes have light weight nylon mesh and its 100% waterproof. The bottom of these shoes are very flat, They are good looking and cheaper than other shoes in our list.

They are durable, lightweight, and best shoes for security guards at reasonable price. Wearing shoes for all-day smell issues occur but Wolverine has anti-odor that helps to control smell, with socks and without socks.

Jump in and out of the truck many times is not easy without wearing high-quality shoes but I checked the review of Steven Hayward in Amazon he is feeling comfortable on these shoes and recommending Wolverine for everyone.

Mesh lining helps to maintain air circulation and maximize air so you can cool down easily and sweat more quickly.

This is the best shoes for working all day you don’t need switch to boots otherwise you will regret it because these shoes have great comfort for working on feet.



  • Not break easily.
  • Durable.
  • Holds up and Composite safety toe.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Unexpensive.


  • Less bulky.


5. Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Sport Side

These shoes are Moisture wicking which is the technology based on a natural environment that we see in plants. They have breathable lining, Those lining are made up of certain materials cushion and comfort the foot or draw out moisture.

They are available in both side zip and non size zip style, Side zip is the good option to take on and off shoes easily. Side zip is available in both 5’’ and 8’ style. Now choice is your which one you want to select.

Bates is available in waterproof and non-waterproof style, The DRYGuard membrane provides full waterproof features that keep your feet dry while raining. They are made with layers of open weave mesh which is very breathable.

They bend with your foot well and have great treading on the bottom.

As you know being a big toy it’s very difficult to find right pair of shoes but after wearing Bates you will love them. The sole is made of rubber and  it has wide spaces between the tracks.

They will give you good comfort and stability while in contact with the ground and if you are working on snow and slippery area you will not slide. It’s the best choice for mechanical worker and standing all day on concrete.



  • Breathable shoes.
  • Stylish and wonderful boots.
  • Fit well and lighweight.
  • Easy slip on and off.
  • Flexible.


  • Available in only black color.


6. Bates Men’s Delta Side-Zip 8 Inch Uniform Boot

These shoes are light, polishable toe and have inside the zipper for locking shoes easily. ICT gives you the freedom to customize remove the insole and replace it according to your own idea. You can remove sock lining, remove the disc, and set it according to your own setting.

Being delta 8 technology it is easy to clean. The upper is made of nylon, breathable mesh lining to keep your feet cool. Cushioned insole is removable so you can put your own.

They are good looking, good stitching, and long last shoes. The side zipper is a good feature that just takes seconds to wear fitted shoes. Awesome grip support on the ground and shine while treading.

The ICS system provides relief from foot pain, In the front of the sole gel worked is added for comfort. Most of the shoes make a squeaking sound while walking Bates don’t have squeaking sound.

Putting small amount of powders in insole is recommended for controlling odor and itch relief.

For everyday use they will last 1-2 years but maybe last longer than 2 years if you are taking proper care of them like clean the insides area, spray shoes after every month, polish it, and keep them on clean place.



  • Tactical boots.
  • Security friendly.
  • Adjust comfort system.
  • YKK locker zipper.
  • Comfortable after few days use.


  • Toe box is not composite.


7. Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air

These shoes have visible heel air cells for impact absorption and comfort. They double topstitched seam that are more secure than single stitching and it will make your shoes really great looking.

Shank is the part of between insole and outsole, They have Nylon shank which is thermoplastic silky materials. These shoes are great for working in airport.

If you have to perform a job in such activity where the uniform of all members is the same such as Police, Army, security guards then Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air is the best uniform boots that gives an amazing looks with uniform.

To work as correctional officers you must buy high quality shoes that cost more then 150$. These are very soft shoes that comes under 100$ price and best for correctional officers.

The toe of SWAT is very strong and did not break unless you are working everyday on feet for long time.

You can stand for long shift your feet will not feel discomfort and fatigued. It’s mostly have same features like Original SWAT 129101 Men’s Metro that is top in our list. If we compared price of both then SWAT is cheaper.



  • Decent boots.
  • Best uniform shoes.
  • Fit great.
  • Easy to take on and off.
  • Not squeaky.


  • Quickly delamination of leather.
  • Order one size larger.


8. Adidas Men’s GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot

They are made of CORDURA quarter which is the fabric technology used in backpacks, shoes, etc. CORDURA fabric is made of nylon but it’s combined with cotton and other natural fibers.

ADITUFF materials wraps around the toe that helps to protect against foot drag. They are providing durability in high abrasion areas. These boots are comfortable and tall 8″ high.

These shoes have ADIPRENE technology of shoes sole that provide good protection for heel. ADIPRENE is made of elastic materials that give good respond to the cushioning moving your foot.

If you are runner you must need arch support for injury prevention, These shoes give internal arch support for your every step to prevent feet from injuries and shock absorption.

These boots have good traction and have engineered rubber outsole.

They last long and have good grip support, These shoes are specially made for law enforcement people. They fit tight but it will become perfect after few days use. Vent holes at collar area and very well made but it’s little expensive than other boots in our list.



  • Walk on long distance.
  • Durable.
  • Comfy basketball shoe.
  • Best for warm weathers.
  • Comfortable.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy Weight.


9. Magnum Men’s Stealth Force 6.0

These shoes have a traditional lace-up style and padded collar for optimum fit. It includes YKK side zipper with button closure for easy to take on and off. You can do different movements easily while Breakdancing due to ergonomically durable design.

Magnum shoes has Cambrelle® lining which is specially designed for comfort and moisture resistant for user. Magnum is made up of thick and and fibers materials.

If you are looking for shoes to wear in the rain besides rain boots then Magnum is the best choice for you because the are Coated with agion antibacterial materials that keep your feet dry and cool.

Joining Army, police, and government security guard jobs are not possible without training because training is the approach that occurs in these events. They are light that helps you to move quickly and run fast during training.

These are the best boots for motorcycle riding, but make sure that you should avoid one wheeling.

If you are taking shoes for outdoor activities like hiking, Rock Climbing, Horseback riding you should buy Magnum. They are durable, strong sole and comfortable for standing all day.



  • Good arch support.
  • Safe for metal detectors.
  • Well stichting.
  • Best for warm weathers.
  • Excellent duty boots.


  • Squeak on hard floors.


10. Thorogood Men’s ASR Series 6″ Mid-Cut

They are composite toe boots that give more protection and comfort. Actually some people have an office-based job they don’t need to stand all day. If your job is something like that you have to stand all day on your feet then Thorogood holding up very well for everyday work.

They have soft, thick cushioned that provides maximum comfort and the footbed is removable if you want to add your own Athletic footbed you can add them.

They are best for both narrow and wide feet, They are true to size you don’t need to purchase one size bigger or small.

If you have heel spur and your feet hurt all the time your pain will magically go away by wearing Thorogood shoes. I personally checked most of the review of Thorogood people are saying that it’s really comfortable and you feel like walking on a cloud.

Comfortable shoes for nonstop walking, Not to much lose not tight, They will fit perfectly. Seams will not staring breaking within short time, After using these boots continuously for 2-3 years maybe cause seams issue.

They have great support for low and high arches, It’s great looking shoes, You can wear them for several years. If you have tried different brands you should also try Thorogood.



  • Best boots for security work.
  • Slip resistant outsole for safety.
  • Well stichting.
  • More reliable.
  • Comfortable walking.


  • Bulky.



What are the best boots for police officers?

Police officer job is not easy task because according to law of police in every country, When you join police department you must do training for 3-6 months where you have to learn about criminal investigations, patrol procedures, firearms training and self defence.

ORIGINAL SWAT 129101 MEN’S METRO TACTICAL BOOT is top in our list for security guards and police officer.

How dangerous is being a security guard?

Being as a security guard is dangerous but you won’t be worry about that because security guard are not hired in dangerous area. Most of the security companies focus on training because those guard which are not properly train they cause frustration and can’t face difficult sitiuations.

Why is a security guard important?

It depends and there are several reasons why the security guard is important. They help to protect business, schools, banks and another important place that you have, and want to hire anyone as a security guard for it.

The security guards are not hired for places it’s also hired to protect people for example many famous celebrities wants to hire bodyguard as a security guard. Bodyguard and security guard are the same but in simple words, we can say that the security guard protects places and bodyguard protects famous people such as your country prime minister.

Why do security guards wear uniforms?

If someone looking for help in the hospital or any department how would he know which one is a security guard? I think security guards should wear unique uniforms from our daily life outfits because people will feel safe and criminals will not easily committing a crime if he saw a security guard.

What is the benefit of security?

Security guards minimize theft and stealing assets. What do you think the security guard is better or camera? According to my idea security guard is better than camera because the security guard has the ability to capture theft and the camera will just show proof that who is theft, Did you think it’s easy for you to detect this unknown guy?

What’s the difference between a security officer and a security guard?

A security guard is lower-ranking job than a security officer, You don’t need to pass any test to become security guard. Security guard work under security officer, The officer give some instruction to the security guard that you have to secure banks or it would be anything. To become security officer good experience and high qualification is needed.

What are the highest paying security guard jobs?

This is one of the most asking questions because some people love security guard job but they are looking for such security guard jobs that have high monthly payments rather than normal security guard jobs. This is the list of highest paying security guard jobs.

  • Armed Specialists.
  • Basic security officers.
  • Body guard or personal protection specialist.
  • Bounty hunter.
  • Private police.

Is security officer a good career?

It is not the best way for good living and earns more but the security guard is a good job for a young person who wants to earn and become an independent person. If you want to prepare your self to make a good carer then it’s good job for you as a beginner. Once you earn more you should shift to your own business.

What equipment do security guards use?

As a security guard you should bring such equipment with your self who protect you and your property that is assign to you as a security job. Here is a list of top 5 security guard gear that most of the people have.

  • Flashlight.
  • Security guard baton.
  • Best boots.
  • Security Guard Belt.
  • Cell phone.

How many hours can a security guard work in a day?

Security guard jobs have two types of shifts, Day and Night, Most of the officer work on shift system. I can’t say fix time because it depends that what type of security job are you doing? But in most of the countries security guard have up to 12 hours work a day it can be night shift or day shift.

Want to earn more money in a day as a security guard job? You need to increase work-time you should paid overtime, Remember, Ask from your senior about extra money before doing overtime work.


If you have read a complete article then maybe you are a security guard or the person who wants to stand all day on their feet.

Am i right?

I know it’s really important to wear high quality shoes being as a security guard. There are probably many reason that you should wear your safety boots. They prevent your feet from punctures, slips and trips.

Safety boots are made of high-quality materials that protect your feet from pain, injuries. While working in factories for long hours on your feet maybe it’s caused by Bunions, Plantar fasciitis, and many more disease but the above list of shoes will give you definitely good comfort and support.

Muscles become painful as you stand or walk all day while performing a security guard job. Apply these 3 pro tips to stop your feet pain.

  • Wear shoes that fit perfectly.
  • Stay at a Healthy Weight.
  • Boost Your Flexibility.

Your feet are lifeblood your job, Good luck now choice is yours, which one you want to select for job in list.

Did you try any others best shoes for security guards? If yes, Please mention the name.

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